Practice Chanters

We have a range of practice chanters to suit all abilities and budgets.

Practice chanters are available in either Blackwood or plastic and adorned with a decorative ferrule and/or sole. The sole protects the bottom of the chanter, which is more applicable to a Blackwood chanter.

We offer practice chanters in three sizes – junior, standard and long. Junior is designed for children aged 10 years and younger, whereas a standard or long chanter can be played by all ages. The long version closely resembles the profile of a pipe chanter and is lower in pitch compared to a standard length chanter.

We have introduced innovative features to improve the performance and durability of our practice chanters, including Twist-Trap moisture control and a plastic lining system for blackwood tops. Over many years we have refined the sound of the chanters to play at different pitches and balance the individual notes for writing and playing three and four part harmonies. Our standard chanter pitches at B flat and the long at concert A pitch however this also depends on the reed selection and set-up.

By request, we can supply full hand engraved silver practice chanters with prices available by getting in touch through our contact form.

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Twist-Trap Practice Chanters

Twist-Trap Practice Chanters are unique to R.G. Hardie  Co. and produced at our Glasgow bagpipe manufacturing unit.

The Twist-Trap top provides moisture control, which is particularly important for kids who tend to produce more saliva than adults when playing a practice chanter. The Twist-Trap top prevents moisture collecting on the reed, and potentially cutting out, allowing for longer practice sessions. The top splits at the top of the ferrule to gain access to the water trap and remove excess moisture.

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R. G. Hardie® Blackwood Practice Chanters

It is hard to beat the quality of sound and beauty of a Blackwood practice chanter. The practice chanter is an important part of any piper’s practice regime so why not invest in a beautifully crafted Blackwood chanter.

Whilst some makers elect for a plastic top with a Blackwood practice chanter, we decided to introduce an innovative plastic lining system to protect the blackwood top. This prevents moisture affecting the wood which can cause the top to split. We still recommend separating the chanter for drying after a practice session.

Our range of blackwood practice chanters come in standard and long lengths and include imitation ivory and nickel ferrules with an imitation sole. We can also supply hand engraved silver with our sought after RGH and PH hallmarks, please contact us for pricing through the contact form.

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Deluxe Practice Chanter Case

The R.G. Hardie practice chanter case provides excellent protection for storing a standard or long sized practice chanter along with an A4 book. A build-up of moisture in the hemp joint of a practice chanter can cause blackwood tops to fracture. The case requires the chanter to be broken down for storage which helps dry out the chanter after every practice session.


  • Grab handle
  • A4 book pocket
  • Accessories zip pocket
  • Reed bottle storage pocket
  • Protective covers for the practice chanter top and bottom
  • Velcro fasteners for the top and bottom
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