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A young piper with a promising future.

What kind of pipes and chanter do you play?

Peter Henderson PH05H thistle silver bagpipes and blackwood pipe chanter.

Where do you hail from? Where do you live now?

I’m from Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland.

Tell me about your piping career. When did you start? What bands have you played with?

I started playing just before my 6th birthday. I played with Strathearn Pipe Band and Comrie, The National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland and I now play with Cullen Pipe Band from Co. Cork, Ireland.

What has been your proudest moment in piping so far?

There’s lots but being the piper for the first Minister of Scotland, playing for Sir Sean Connery and Ian Hamilton at the premier of the film the Stone of Destiny are some highlights.

What has been your most stressful moment?

I don’t get stressed out when I’m playing pipes just when I’m playing football. Just like my Dad football brings the worst out in me.

Who were you taught by?

Jim Barnes from Comrie, Ron Clark from Crieff and I’ve been going to Margaret Dunn for 7 or 8 years and Andrew Wright for 4 years.

What do you do as a day job?

I’m still at school.

Where is the most interesting place your piping travels have taken you?

I went to Switzerland with the NYPB it was a fantastic experience and Co. Mayo last year for the all Ireland’s, we had the best laugh ever.

What would your most perfect piping event be? Say if you could snap your fingers and make it happen. Describe.

I have a few, winning both gold medals, the Glenfiddich, the Clasp and playing with Cullen in grade 1.