Our Guarantee

All bagpipes crafted by R.G. Hardie & Co. carry a 5 year guarantee which protects against the cost of repairs 5 years from the date of purchase. Each bagpipe set is supplied with a registration card to fill in and return, or alternatively register your bagpipes online : click here to register

We take great pride in producing premium quality heirloom bagpipes, however if you should experience a problem with your set, we are here to help. In the first instance, please contact the dealership where you purchased your set for further instructions. For R.G. Hardie bagpipes, please provide the year of manufacture, and for Peter Henderson bagpipes the serial number, both of which are found at the bottom of the bass drone stock above the pipe bag collar. It is helpful to provide a picture when describing the issue to be resolved.

We have produced a series of bagpipe maintenance videos on our YouTube channel providing advice on how best to look after your instrument.

Guarantee conditions:

a. Our guarantee protects against natural defects and workmanship that are not considered normal wear and tear.

b. Claims should be accompanied by evidence of the date of purchase, such as a sales receipt, showing that the product was bought within 5 years to the date of the claim.

c. The product was correctly assembled and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction and used solely for the purpose intended.

d. The defect was not due to accident, misuse, unauthorised modification or inexpert repair.

e. Consumable parts such as pipe bags, drone reeds, chanter reeds, covers and cords and anything that requires routine replacement are excluded from the scope of the 5 year guarantee.