R. G. Hardie Practice Pipes

Introducing Twist Trap Practice Pipes, a set of mouth-blown smallpipes incorporating a long practice chanter and two drones. They produce a softer more mellow tone in comparison to the Highland Bagpipes and pitch in the key of A (440Hz), a general tuning standard for many musical instruments. They are fun to play on their own or in a group setting along with other instruments.

“I have been playing a set and they are great fun, much better than practicing on a practice chanter,” said Alastair Dunn, Managing Director of R. G. Hardie & Co.  “They will help beginners with the transition from chanter to pipes and understanding the importance of maintaining constant pressure when blowing.”

Features of the Twist-Trap Practice Pipes include:

• Suitable for Pipers of all abilities
• Key of A
• Twist Trap Moisture Control
• Long Practice Chanter
• Bass and Tenor Drone
• Integral Valve
• Synthetic Pipe Bag
• Corduroy Bag Cover
• Deluxe Carry Case

A particularly innovative design aspect to the Twist-Trap Practice Pipes chanter top is the blow piece for moisture control. Moisture control is important for kids as they produce a lot more saliva than an adult when playing. This new moisture control design feature is now the standard top on the entire range of R. G. Hardie & Co plastic practice chanters.

Check out our video of Alastair Dunn and Finlay MacDonald talking about Twist-Trap Practice Pipes, followed up by a wee jam session!

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Introducing Twist-Trap Goose Pipes, the ideal starter instrument to progress from the practice chanter to the Highland Bagpipes. Goose Pipes differ from Highland Bagpipes in that they use a practice chanter to produce the sound and they don’t have drones. They require much less pressure to play, compared to Highland Bagpipes, making it easier to focus on the technique of maintaining a constant sound.

The Twist-Trap prevents moisture build-up on the reed allowing for longer practice sessions and the practice chanter can be disconnected from the set to play as a standalone instrument. The practice chanter and adaptors can also be removed to fit a bagpipe blowpipe and pipe chanter, so you can practice playing at a pressure similar to the Highland Bagpipes.

There is a choice of practice chanter between junior, standard and long or without if you already own a Hardie practice chanter. Junior is most suited to children up to the age of 10 years old. The standard chanter plays in B flat and the long chanter is in the key of A. As a beginner instrument the pitch is not critical but you might find this information useful if you wish to play with other instruments.

Please note, the set does not include a bagpipe blowpipe or pipe chanter as these will be included with your Highland Bagpipe set.

To find out more about playing playing bagpipes download our bagpipe buyer’s guide here:

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