Callum Beaumont

Callum currently resides in Dollar, Scotland where he tutors students at the prestigious private Dollar Academy.

In a professional capacity he is a much sought after and highly rated instructor prominent around the world, recently having been invited to teach in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.

He was introduced to bagpipes by Bert Smith at the age of 7 whereupon he took up the chanter and progressed through the junior ranks, winning all of the major junior prizes. These included multiple gold medals at Cowal Highland Gathering, Scottish Junior Championship titles and a debut win of the MacGregor Memorial, 14 years of age.

Progressing to the senior grades, aged just 15 he finished second in the Piobaireachd section of the Duncan Johnstone Competition, his inaugural senior event. Additionally throughout his senior years has been tutored by Tom Speirs and currently Willie MacCalllum.

With regard to band history, at 12 years of age Callum joined the Grade 1 Lothian & Borders Police, moving on to Shotts & Dykehead, Simon Fraser University and Inveraray & District. Winning four World Championship titles he took a prominent role in each of these bands.

Callum has now progressed on to winning many of the most prestigious titles in world piping including the Glenfiddich Piping Championships, the youngest winner of The Clasp, two Gold Medals, The Silver Chanter and Silver Star.


Glenfiddich Piping Championships
Overall Champion (2023),
MSR (2018).
Piobaireachd (two-2022, 2023);

Northern Meetings, Inverness
The Clasp (five-2012,2015,2018,2019,2023),
Former Winners MSR, Silver Star (2023),
Highland Society of London Gold Medal (2013),
A Grade MSR (2018);
Overall Champion (2023),

Argyllshire Gathering, Oban
A Grade Strathspey & Reel (2023),
Highland Society of London Gold Medal (2011),
Silver Medal (2006),
MacGregor Memorial (2003),
Open Jigs (2011);

The Scottish Piping Society of London, London
Overall Winner (five-2014,2016,2018,2019,2021),
Am Bratach Gorm (two-2016,2019),
William Gillies Cup (two-2018,2019);
Former Winners MSR (six-2014,2015,2018,2019,2021,2022),
J.B Robertson March (three-2018,2019,2021);

Donald MacLeod Memorial, Stornoway
Overall Winner (two-2013,2023),
Piobaireachd (three-2013,2019,2023):
MSR (2023);

Dunvegan, Skye
Overall Winner (two-2014,2022),
Silver Chanter (2013),
Dunvegan Medal (2014),
Clasp to the Dunvegan Medal (two-2014,2022);

Springbank Invitational, Campbeltown
Overall Winner (2018),
Hornpipe and Jig (two-2013,2015),
6/8 March (2016);

Piping Live!
Alasdair Gillies Memorial Recital Challenge (three-2019,2020,2021);

The Metro Cup,USA
Overall Winner (five-2014,2016,2017,2018,2019),
Piobaireachd (two-2016,2017),
Medley (three-2014,2017,2019);

The Masters, National Piping Centre
Overall (two-2021,2022),
Piobaireachd (three-2013,2021,2022);

The Sun Belt Invitational, Florida
Overall (2022),
Piobaireachd (2022);

Uist and Barra
Overall Winner (two-2016,2017),
Piobaireachd (two-2016,2017);

Donald MacDonald Quaich, Skye

Braemar Highland Gathering
Overall Winner (2014),
Gold Medal (2014);