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Practice sessions will be cut short no more!

R.G. Hardie & Co are delighted to introduce our state-of-the-art Twist-Trap Practice Chanter. Using the same technology as our Twist-Trap Practice Pipes, the Twist-Trap Practice Chanter provides moisture control to prevent changes in tone and reed stoppage.

The top of the Twist-Trap Practice Chanter splits at the top of the ferrule to allow pipers to gain access to the water trap and remove excess moisture. This feature is particularly useful for very wet blowers and for younger players, who tend to produce more saliva than adults when playing a practice chanter.

The Twist-Trap Practice Chanter is priced very affordably and comes in Junior, Standard and Long sizes to suit pipers of all ages and abilities

Want to see and hear more? Check out this video of Managing Director, Alastair Dunn, tell us more about the new Twist-Trap Practice Chanter, followed by exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the pipers of Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band warming up for a medley contest at the 2018 World Pipe Band Championships using their Twist-Trap Practice Chanters.


Want to get your hands on a Junior, Standard or Long Twist-Trap Practice Chanter? Get in touch to find the dealer nearest you.

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