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Peter Henderson Heritage Practice Chanters

Inspired by our Heritage Bagpipes, R. G. Hardie & Co are delighted to introduce our new Heritage Practice Chanters, carefully designed and created in succession to our one of a kind Heritage Bagpipes

Since the launch of our Peter Henderson Heritage Bagpipes in 2018, where we celebrated 150 years of crafting Peter Henderson Bagpipes, we have watched the success of our bagpipes grow and flourish. We have prioritised design innovations to create state-of-the-art instruments and we are incredibly excited to launch the latest addition to our range, The Peter Henderson Heritage Practice Chanter.

“We are extremely delighted to further expand on our Heritage bagpipes with our new Heritage Practice chanters. We are always working hard to create and develop unique products of the highest standard and quality. Our Heritage Practice Chanters are just the beginning of many more exciting things yet to come.” – (Alastair Dunn, Director of R. G. Hardie & Co. 2022)

Like the Heritage bagpipes, these Practice Chanters are crafted from instrument-grade African Blackwood and Boxwood. Each piece of Boxwood is carefully selected to ensure a first-grade rating and polished to a high natural lustre, providing a beautiful contrast to African Blackwood. The chanters are decorated with a thistle ferrule, in either laser-etched nickel or hand engraved silver. 

As with all of our African Blackwood practice chanters, they feature an innovative plastic lining system which protects the inside of the mouthpiece from the stresses and strains caused by moisture.

The Peter Henderson Heritage Practice Chanter is a contemporary yet modern take on the standard blackwood practice chanter. Its vibrant attributes allow for an eye-catching finish with its smooth surface and hand finished holes enabling an exclusive piping experience, fitting for Peter Henderson and one not to be missed.